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Product code: CLDA PFS01-U


Category: Stencils Bargain
Product name: Romance Frame Stencil More colours >

Romance Decoart Frame Stencil. Make it easy to personalize and embellish a frame with these perfect fitting stencils. Ideal for gifts parties group crafts home and office decor. Lovely craft addition to Valentine, love and romance items you can decorate.

Just simply basecoat the frame and then position the stencil over and apply paint. This durable stencil can be used over and over. Great for kids as well as adults.

Although orginally designed for use on picture frames can be cut up to use on a variety of surfaces.

Use can use DecoArt Magic Brush Cleaner under product code CLDS3 to clean your stencils.

End of line offer price (EOL).