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**We supply goods wholesale to trade account holders only and as such our prices (including those displayed on this website) exclude VAT and delivery.**

Please note we do not keep back orders for any of the products currently showing as out of stock or listed in our Coming Soon area.

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Our ceramic pottery is high quality "unglazed" bisque earthenware that has been fired to 1060C or cone 04. It is compatible with most underglazes or glazes with a recommended firing temperature of circa 1020C or cone 06. Alternatively, items that are not required to be "food-safe" can be decorated with acrylic paints.

<H2>Bisque/Unpainted Ceramic Shapes</H2>Aleenes<H2>Papier Mache Designs/Paper Shapes</H2>BucillaCreativ
<h2>Wooden and MDF Shapes, <br>Cut outs and Models</H2><H2>Canvases</H2><H2>Paper Shapes - White</H2><h2>Stencils</h2><h2>Fabric Blanks</h2>
<h2>Clear Transparent Shapes</h2><H2>Decopatch</H2><H2>Polystyrene Shapes</H2><H2>DecoArt Paints Finishes Varnishes</H2><H2>Plaid</H2>
<H2>Mod Podge</H2><H2>Craft Papers</H2><H2>Ribbons and Tapes</H2><H2>Other Paints Glitters</H2><H2>Retail Kits</H2>
<H2>Stamp Making & Image Pac Products</H2>Sio-2 Plus<H2>Clay & Plaster Supplies</H2><H2>Silver Clay, Tools & Accessories</H2><H2>Jewellery & Jewellery Findings</h2>
<H2>Ceramic Pottery Kilns, Tools & Accessories</h2><H2>Glaze, Underglaze & Fired Colour</h2><H2>Decorating Tools & Display Accessories</h2><H2>LEDs Candles Light Fittings</h2><H2>Brushes - Artists & Crafts</h2>
<H2>Packaging & Shipping Supplies</h2>Ordered on Demand Avenue Madarine</H2><H2>The Crafters Workshop</H2><H2>The Guild of Ceramic Studios</h2><H2>Foam and Silk Clay</H2>
<H2>Viva Decor</H2>ScribblesTulipTulip One Step Tie Dye