Pottery Painting Basics Guide

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Please read these instructions to help you create  your masterpiece.

Before Painting:
  • It is best to inspect your bisque (pottery blank) before you paint. If you spot any hairline cracks, please ask for a replacement.

  • Please make sure you have clean hands. Anything like hand-cream, oil, grease from food like crisps etc will stop the colour from adhering.

Decorating Your Pottery:
  • You will notice that the pottery colour looks dull. The true vibrancy of the colours and pigments do not show up until after they have been fired in a kiln. Look at the colour board if you want to see the true colour.

  • This pottery colour is non-toxic and washes off easily.

  • It is a translucent colour, not opaque. Therefore, you are likely to see the brush strokes after firing..

For best application:
  • Shake the bottles of paint before use to mix up the ingredients.

  • Please do not waste colour. Think about your designs and add small amounts of colour to your palette. Remember that you can always add more colour; leftover colour on a palette is typically thrown away.

  • Keep dipping your brush in water to keep the bristles wet. Dip the brush in water before each application of colour.

  • The bisque is very porous. Therefore, if you can see lumps of colour on your piece or the brush is “dragging” during application, then you need to apply more water to your brush. Keep the brush wet during decorating.

  • Apply no more than three coats of colour as you could end up flaws on your fired piece. One coat of colour will give you a light, transparent colour. Three coats is a bolder colour.

  • Start with light colours and work up to dark. The powerful pigment of the darker colours will overpower the lighter, more pastel shades. It is worthwhile remembering that these paints work like water colours. For example, if you paint a black base and then try to add white over the top, you will not see the white colour after firing.

  • Please replace the caps on bottles to ensure that the pottery colour does not dry out.

  • Please do not leave our brushes in water as this can damage the bristles.

Identifying your masterpiece:
  • We need to be able to identify your pottery.

  • Please write your name on the bottom of the mug or use the identification number that we give you. You need to write this information with a special product as pens and pencils will burn off in the kiln firing.

What Happens Next?
  • Please leave your finished item with a member of staff. Your pottery will be fired in a pottery kiln. A member of staff will let you know when you can return to collect your decorated piece.

  • We cannot rush the firing process as the pottery is fired to such high temperatures. Typically, pottery needs to be left inside the kiln for 24 hours.

  • Therefore, if your masterpiece is required urgently, please let us know and we will do our best to speed up the return process.


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