Bisque Arrivals & Replenishments

Container Due Monday 4th October

4,547 boxes of bisque in 48 designs are due to arrive on Monday 4th October so please watch our website for updates on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

CLBULK-PACK-003 Bulk Buy 12oz Mugs x60          30
CLBULK-PACK-008 Bulk Buy Bowls (BP007)          31
CLM026 Xmas Tree Ornament Flat Tree Dec    105
CLM035 Kids Stuff Skate Board                          104
CLM150 Ice Cream Cone Box                              104
CLM203 Butterfly Med  Wing Span 12cm          102
CLM259 CTD Xmas Tree Bauble, Ball Orn          104
CLMC011-12 Baby Mug                                        105
CLMC012 Mummy Mug                                      64
CLMC013-12 Daddy Mug                                      64
CLMC064-12 Picture Frame w/Glass+Easel     81
CLMC069 Mini Mug (Espresso)                        81
CLMC093 Horseshoe                                          120
CLMC118 Xmas Tree Bauble - Large Star              105
CLMC119 Xmas Tree Bauble - Large Ball              210
CLMC119C Xmas Tree Bauble - Large Ball      301
CLMC136 Xmas Tree Bauble - Flat Tree Dec    144
CLMC168 Xmas Snowman T Light                        82
CLMC169 Xmas Father Christmas T Light              81
CLMC190 Large Canister/Cookie Jar                  105
CLMC223 Heart Pendant                                      60
CLMC278 Cube T Light Holder                            105
CLMC294 Snowman Deco                                    41
CLMC295 Reindeer Deco                                      41
CLMC296 Santa Deco                                          41
CLMC298 Reindeer 3D                                        81
CLMC299 Santa 3D                                                82
CLMC309 Bird                                                        106
CLMC317 Wall Gecko                                              105
CLMC329 Conical Mug                                        82
CLMC369 Tubular Heart Vase                              82
CLMC378 Fox/Animal Dish Plant Pot                  105
CLMC389 Shabby Chic Pitcher or Jug                  103
CLMC399 Reindeer T-Light Holder                    101
CLMC401 Long Hanging Heart with Wire                104
CLMC409 Dad - word                                          103
CLMC410 Mum - word                                          104
CLMC413 Fairy Tree Door with Flowers                104
CLMC421 Freestanding Star                                   106
CLMC425 Penguin Tea Light                              105
CLMC434 Cute Unicorn Sitting                            105
CLMC435 Cute Unicorn Standing                      103
CLMC459 Ghost T-Lght                                        62
CLMC460 Frankenstein T-light                            62
CLMC461 Pumpkin with Hat T-Light                    61
CLMC462 Web Bowl                                                62
CLMC463 Skull T-light                                          103

Container Due mid-end October

4,492 boxes of bisque in 44 designs are due to arrive via container by the end of October.   Please watch our news pages and website for further updates.

CLBULK-PACK-003 Bulk Buy 12oz Mugs x60           40
CLMC482 Christmas Tree and Base                    102
CLM025 Star Ornament or Flat Tree Dec              82
CLM027 Heart Ornament or Flat Tree Dec            103
CLM116 Kidstuff Motorcycle Moneybox                102
CLM150 Ice Cream Cone Box                              102
CLM175 Jug Traditional                                            102
CLM191 Robot                                                           102
CLM215 Easter Egg Bunny Standing                  102
CLM255 Medium Pumpkin With Lid                    51
CLM261 Assorted Size Lrg Coffee House Mug 80
CLMC011-12 Baby Mug                                            167
CLMC012 Mummy Mug                                          200
CLMC013-12 Daddy Mug                                          200
CLMC017-6 Monster Truck Money Box            102
CLMC064-12 Picture Frame w/Glass+Easel          80
CLMC094 Large Heart Plaque                                  105
CLMC119 Xmas Tree Bauble - Large Ball              300
CLMC119C Xmas Tree Bauble - Large Ball      200
CLMC132 Medium Easter Egg Box                      102
CLMC144 Clock Face 10mm hole, embossed nos 103
CLMC189 Small Canister/Cookie Jar                  102
CLMC190 Large Canister/Cookie Jar                  153
CLMC202 Small Xmas Santa Plate                      102
CLMC218 Flower Pot & Saucer                                104
CLMC224 Oval Pendant                                        75
CLMC235 Heart Plaque                                        155
CLMC239 3D Letter A 4.5cm                                  100
CLMC304 Square Pot                                          61
CLMC315 3D House Plaque                                 120
CLMC326 Square Cereal Bowl                              61
CLMC366 Straight Sided Egg Cup                          103
CLMC382 LOVE - word                                        51
CLMC388 Flat round  Ornament with Wire      52
CLMC396 Star T-light holder                                 62
CLMC401 Long Hanging Heart with Wire               82
CLMC404 Bunny Rabbit Hare Ornament          103
CLMC408 HOME - word                                    51
CLMC418 Coil Xmas Tree                                      102
CLMC419 Nordic Santa                                        103
CLMC453 Owl Egg Cup                                        103

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