Painting Pottery With Acrylics

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Acrylic Paints

Remember NOT to choose tableware as it is not food safe (unless you want to use something like plates to make wall plaques or clocks).  Also, by choosing acrylics remember you can also offer t-shirt painting, rock painting, canvas painting etc - see information images above.

Budget:  Depending on budget, there are a few price band options to choose from:

Budget Brand:  Crafters Acrylics 
Budget Brand:  Apple Barrel   
Mid range:  Americana  
Mid range:  FolkArt 

Colour range:  We would choose a minimum of 16 colours e.g.

  1. red

  2. yellow

  3. pink

  4. green light

  5. green dark

  6. orange

  7. aqua

  8. purple

  9. blue light

  10. blue dark

  11. brown light

  12. brown dark

  13. grey

  14. skin

  15. white (large pot as it is used lots)

  16. black (large pot as it is used lots)

  17. Ivory/cream is popular

  18. Silver (metallic range)

  19. Gold (metallic range)

If you want to reduce the colour range you can always mix the colours.

Other Requirements:

Think about the number of tables and decorators.  For example, if you are having 5 x tables of 4 then we would recommend ordering 5 x 2oz of each colour to put one of each on every table (keep a large pot of the black and white for big projects).  2oz pots take up less space on the tables. 

Other considerations for setting up would be:

  • Brushes:  We recommend 4 assorted brush sizes per person (1 large, 1 detail and 2 medium sized). 

  • Palettes:  We recommend 1 per person with a few spare to give extra time to wash up between uses.  

  • Glitter Paints:  Add extra sparkle to creations. 

  • Dry Glitter:  Great to mix with paint or to add on wet paint (popular options are:  crystal & gold).

  • Stylus Tools:  Great for dot designs.

  • Dimensional Paint:  Adds an embellished design to your creation. Great for embossed details or writing.

  • Varnishes:  Varnishes are optional but good for adding shine or increasing durability.

  • Graphite Paper:  Great for tracing designs on flat surfaces - black is for light surfaces; white is for darker surfaces.  Re-use sheet until the tracing is not to your standard

  • Lustres:  A paste/wax gilt type paint that is great for enhancing embossed details.

  • Acrylic or glass pens:  Useful for personalising, customising or adding detail on acrylics.  

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