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DecoArt Paints Finishes Varnishes

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Acrylic (americana) 16oz

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Colour stain 2oz

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Curb appeal

Décor maxx gloss

Decor metallic 8oz

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Effect wash

Effect wash 2oz

Fabric paint (sosoft)

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DecoArt Paints Finishes Varnishes

Category: Outdoor Paint (Patio Paint)
Product name: Pinecone Brown Patio Paint

Indoor or outdoor acrylic paint. Weather and scuff resistant. Excellent adhesion to concrete terra cotta masonry wood and more. Permanent durable designer colours. Non-toxic.

Sold Individually but an extra discount will apply to orders for 6 or more of the same Decoart product.

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     Light Eucalyptus (stock code CLDCP23-2OZ)
     Clear Coat (stock code CLDCP24-2OZ)
     Citrus Green (stock code CLDCP25-2OZ)
     Tango Blue (stock code CLDCP26-2OZ)
     Fiesta Yellow (stock code CLDCP28-2OZ)
     Petunia Purple (stock code CLDCP29-2OZ)
     Buttercup Yellow (stock code CLDCP30-2OZ)
     Hydrangea Blue (stock code CLDCP33-2OZ)
     Larkspur Blue (stock code CLDCP34-2OZ)
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     Glorious Gold (stock code CLDCP400-2OZ)
     Rich Espresso (stock code CLDCP401-2OZ)
     Terra Cotta (stock code CLDCP40-2OZ)
     Carnation Pink (stock code CLDCP41-2OZ)
     Fuchsia (stock code CLDCP42-2OZ)
     Holly Berry (stock code CLDCP43-2OZ)
     Pansy Purple (stock code CLDCP44-2OZ)
     Mistletoe Green (stock code CLDCP46-2OZ)
     Old Brick Red (stock code CLDCP47-2OZ)
     Cobalt Blue (stock code CLDCP51-2OZ)
     Pumpkin Orange (stock code CLDCP52-2OZ)
     Robins Egg Blue (stock code CLDCP55-2OZ)
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     Honeydew (stock code CLDCP81-2OZ)
     Coral Surf (stock code CLDCP80-2OZ)
     Splendid Gold (stock code CLDCP84-2OZ)
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