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  <h2>Wooden and MDF Shapes, <br>Cut outs and Models</H2>  

Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

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Boxes, chests and cabinets


Flat creatures

Flat shapes


Hearts and stars

Jewellery and beads

Letters 40x2mm

Letters 80x15mm

Letters and numbers 130mm

Mdf wood shape - birdhouses

Mdf wood shape - boxes

Mdf wood shape - boxes - chests and cabinets

Mdf wood shape - cakestands

Mdf wood shape - christmas

Mdf wood shape - easter

Mdf wood shape - fairy doors

Mdf wood shape - flat creatures

Mdf wood shape - flat shapes

Mdf wood shape - frames

Mdf wood shape - hearts

Mdf wood shape - letters and numbers 28x4mm

Mdf wood shape - mirrors

Mdf wood shape - miscellaneous

Mdf wood shape - plaques - wall hangers

Mdf wood shape - racks

Mdf wood shape - trees

Mdf wood shape - wall decor

Mdf wood shape - words


Numbers 80x15mm

Plaques / wall hangers


T lights and candle holders


Wall decor

Product code: CLW0032
Product name: Butterfly Plaque - MDF
More details >
Product code: CLW0110
Product name: MDF Birds on a branch
More details >
Product code: CLW0112
Product name: MDF Dragon
More details >
Product code: CLW0114
Product name: MDF UFO
More details >
Product code: CLW0115
Product name: MDF Gnome
More details >
Product code: CLW0117
Product name: MDF Snail 52x39cm
More details >
Product code: CLW0118
Product name: MDF Dancing Pair 1
More details >
Product code: CLW0119
Product name: MDF Dancing Pair 2
More details >
Product code: CLW0120
Product name: MDF Deer
More details >
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