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Animals - extra large display pieces

Animals - large

Animals - medium

Animals - small

Animals - x small


Bags and baskets

Birdhouses and garden

Body parts



Bulk buy value packs

Christmas shapes

Clear plastic

Decopatch - shapes

Decopatch branded items

Decopatch decoupage kits

Decorated samples


Glue and varnish



Letters - 20.5cm

Letters - mixed font

Letters and numbers - 12cm

Letters and numbers - 12cm


Masquerade mask


Money box


Numbers - 30cm

Paper - alphabet

Paper - animals

Paper - black and white

Paper - blue

Paper - brown

Paper - christmas

Paper - decopad

Paper - eyes

Paper - floral

Paper - fur and wood

Paper - green

Paper - grey and silver

Paper - halloween

Paper - hearts

Paper - love

Paper - mixed packs

Paper - multi coloured

Paper - orange

Paper - pink

Paper - purple

Paper - red

Paper - travel

Paper - yellow and gold

Paper collection packs

Papers - 3 sheet pack

Papers - floral

Papers - green

Papers - multi coloured

Papers - new

Papers - pink

Parisian tower


Picture frames

Racks stands and starter kits


Scrapbook notepad

Shoes and hats

Special buy

Symbols, pictograms and words

Trays, dishes and pots

Tresors -plastic jewel embellishments

Trophy style wall heads


Product code: CLDPAC221
Product name: 20.5cm Heart solid
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC223
Product name: 20.5cm Man
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC224
Product name: 20.5cm Woman
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC228
Product name: Masculine symbol
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC230
Product name: Star outline
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC247
Product name: White heart full - classic shape
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC282
Product name: White flower full symbol
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC283
Product name: White round symbol
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC284
Product name: Picto Girl
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC287
Product name: White square symbol
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC298
Product name: White musical note- Single (quaver)
More details >
Product code: CLDPAC299
Product name: White treble clef
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