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  <h2>Wooden and MDF Shapes, <br>Cut outs and Models</H2>  

Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

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Product code: CLW0122
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Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

Category: MDF Wood Shape - Flat Creatures
Product name: MDF Set of 4 Animals

Wood/MDF Set of 4 Forest animals - Snail/Frog/Rabbit/Squirrel.

The animals would make a good party or after school club decoration project. They would work well as bedroom or play den door hanging decorations.

Plain unpainted unfinished wooden piece. Paint stain or Decopatch.


Snail = 14cm W x 13cm H
Frog = 14cm W x 13cm H
Rabbit = 13cm W x 13cm H
Squirrel = 12cm W x 13cm H

Sold as SET of 4 Animals

We also sell a large individual Snail and Frog under product codes CLW0109 and CLW0117