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  <h2>Wooden and MDF Shapes, <br>Cut outs and Models</H2>  

Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

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Boxes, chests and cabinets


Flat creatures

Flat shapes


Hearts and stars

Jewellery and beads

Letters 40x2mm

Letters 80x15mm

Letters and numbers 130mm

Mdf wood shape - birdhouses

Mdf wood shape - boxes

Mdf wood shape - boxes - chests and cabinets

Mdf wood shape - cakestands

Mdf wood shape - christmas

Mdf wood shape - easter

Mdf wood shape - fairy doors

Mdf wood shape - flat creatures

Mdf wood shape - flat shapes

Mdf wood shape - frames

Mdf wood shape - hearts

Mdf wood shape - letters and numbers 28x4mm

Mdf wood shape - mirrors

Mdf wood shape - miscellaneous

Mdf wood shape - plaques - wall hangers

Mdf wood shape - racks

Mdf wood shape - trees

Mdf wood shape - wall decor

Mdf wood shape - words


Numbers 80x15mm

Plaques / wall hangers


T lights and candle holders


Wall decor

Product code: CLCV575440
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Wooden and MDF Shapes,
Cut outs and Models

Category: Boxes, Chests and Cabinets
Product name: Treasure Chest

Wooden Treasure Chest Box. Plain unpainted chest made from wood with curved lid hinges and metal clasp closure. Paint stain or Decopatch.

Decorate with paints (fabric poster or acrylic) or embellish with rhinestone jewels and other embellishments. Alternatively Decopatch decoupage with napkins and Decopatch papers. Great low-cost craft project for children.

Dimensions: 16.5cm x 11cm x 8.55cm

Sold Individually