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Product code: CLDA DG50-1OZ
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Decorating Tools & Display Accessories

Category: Empty bottles and pots
Product name: Ultra Gloss Empty Fine Liner 1oz

1oz empty fine line writer bottle with push on writer nib lid manufactured by DecoArt. Price includes plastic bottle, plastic writer nib lid, black plastic lid cap, metal nib attachment, pin for metal nib.

These reusable plastic squeeze writer bottles allow for easy controlled applications and are ideal for adding fine details and writing. Simply fill with a colour or product of your choice. Add a few drops of water to improve flow. Suitable for use with poster paints, acrylic paints and many other products. Can be filled with underglaze or glaze colour to make a great ceramic pen.

Sold Individually but an extra discount will apply to orders for 6 or more of the same Decoart product

** You can purchase a replacement nib under product code CLSPPNIB [nib only supplied] but please note this is slighter thicker than the nib included within this Decoart pack.